Sample Generator: 4BC

Download (42 kb)
Sample pack (16 kb)

Sound engine: Psycho
GUI: Tarmslyng

This is the latest version of the sample generator used in the musicdisk Superdrug and the intros Impossible, Randomized Sheep and PC64k.

As it can be seen from the screenshot it now features a GUI controlling all the settings for fast and easy generation of sounds. We are only releasing this GUI tool for generating samples, not the source or some binary for inclusion of 4bc based modules your own code, so you can't use this directly in your own intros (at least not from this archive alone..).

In other words this release is mainly meant as a tool for musicians always hunting for new sounds. It was originally made as a drum generator, which is probably still what it does best, but lots of other instruments can be made, mostly for the electronic genres.

It's not a sort of (realtime) TB303-like sequencer, it's a more like a generator on it's own for generating single sounds, not sequences. Our realtime 303-like sequencer GUI isn't exactly ready for release ;)

...and to avoid the most frequenctly asked question: samples are played from the GUI by the use of the usual protracker keyboard mapping :)