Download (14kb)

Released at Assembly 2004

Code: Psycho
Music: Booster

A little shady was born from the idea that it should be possible to make quite compact code using the OpenGL Shading Language GLSL and at the same time be quite different from the usual kind of 3D hardware effects. In fact many of the routines would normally be considered 2D effects. It is containg around 30 different parts, with different small effects - objects using different shading and/or animation, tunnels, twisters, scrollers, polar blur etc.

The intro was originally planned for breakpoint but failed to enter the compo because of a last minute catalyst driver update, so it was instead improved for release at Assembly. Unfortunatly it did not work on the compomachine even though it was extensibly tested on similar configuration, suspecting that the compomachine was not as specified. In addition to that the assembly organizing decided to release and spread ALL entries, shown or not on etc, so we could just as well release it officially too. So, you should really think twice before delivering something to Assembly!

Because of the GLSL requirement Radeon 9500+ or Geforce FX5200++ and graphics drivers supporting GLSL is required. As of the release date it is only working with ATI's drivers (tested with Catalyst 4.7 and 4.8beta) while the NVidia drivers still seem too buggy regarding GLSL to work. It will run, but as some of the shaders cannot compile (internal compiler error) most parts will have lots of stuff missing.

It seems there are some problems with midi sound hw latency on some hardware, especially laptops, which can be quite annoying considering the amount of instrument timing. Looks like general midi sound isn't really suitable for an intro containing any kind of timing etc.