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1st at Solskogen 2008
Code: Macaw
Graphics: Farfar, Dwarf/TBC
Music: Puryx/TBC

Fun demo made partly at the party place at Solskogen in Norway. Just a couple of days before the party we decided to proceed with the plan of releasing a fun demo at Solskogen, so Dwarf started to dig up some graphics material while Puryx was polishing off the tune.
The theme of the demo is inspired by the cocktails that the Danish party posse was serving at Solskogen - Caipirinha. The recipe for Caipirinha contains alcohol, lime fruits, ice and sugar.
We gathered the last visual sequences at the party place where Farfar also hand painted the massive Caipirinha image in the middle of the demo.
Thumbs up to Dansemusen for dancing to Puryx's awesome tune!