Download (3.0mb, final)
Music: part1 part2 endpart

Winner at MekkaSymposium 2000
Code: Psycho, Blueberry
Music: Melomaniac, Booster
Graphic: farfar, Bifrost
3D modelling: Laika, Psycho

Cybercinematastic is a thematic demo about Hollywood movies, from which we have taken well-known elements, mixing them in a new and hopefully entertaining way. The movies that provided the background for this demo are: Independence day, Star Wars ep1, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Mars Attacks, The Abyss, Lawnmover Man and finally The Matrix. The demo is requiring fpu and at least 10mb fastram, and should not be watched on less than a fast 040, while 060 is highly recommended

Darth Maul with enhanced lighting :)

Star Wars ep. 1 - Light Sabre fight

Jurassic Park

The Lawnmover Man

The Matrix

Independence day intro

Terminator 2

Independence day intro - bilinear zoomer

The Abyss