Download (3mb)

Winner at Compusphere XIII 2002

Code: Psycho, Blueberry, Macaw
3D modelling: Laika
Graphics: Laika, Farfar, Maytz
Music: Substance/MWI

Dark Rain is quite different from most Loonies demos and closer to comon newskool design, especially the more recent TBL demos, and can be seen as a kind of experiment in this genre. It is running at a much slower pace than usual and the routines are in general heavier and thus reducing the framerate. Most of the routines runs in the 18-25 fps range on the target hardware (060).
It features a hard and dark piece of mp3 music by Substance and we have tried to keep this dark, a bit industrial, mood from the music troughout the demo.
Most scenes are either big 3D scenes or newer standalone routines like the triple bumpmapped voxeltwister or the reflection+texture+phong mapped stone, making the "2D" vs "3D" routine count quite equal.