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3rd at The Meltdown 2006 Demo compo

Code: Psycho
Music: PuRyX
Design: Maytz
kklangzeug by gargaj and tsw used for music

Fallty is pure raytracing 4 kb intro doing raytracing of implicit surfaces on the graphics card. It is somehow the result of playing around with raytracing on my new graphics some time ago, while the intro itself was more or less done at the party.

The music is played by the (yet unreleased) player/composer kklangzeug by gargaj and tsw of ümlaüt design, while Puryx (probably one of the most experienced kklangzeug musicians now ;) did the nice track at the party. Crinkler is (ofcourse) used for the final compression.

Pixel shader 3.0 capable hardware is required - that is Radeon X1300+ or GeForce 6600++, which is a natural requirement for doing (practical) raytracing on the GPU. However a fast card with good dynamic branching capabilities like the Radeon X1600 or especially X1900 is recommended, while it is pretty slow on the Geforce 6 series.