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Music: part1 part2

2nd at MekkaSymposium 2001
Code: Psycho, Blueberry
Music: Tarmslyng, Booster
Graphics: farfar, Bifrost,Laika
3D modelling: Laika, Maytz, Psycho

Hotstyle Takeover is all about speed.
The first part is almost pure 3D, all routines running 25 fps, tighly timed to a 170 bpm jungle module. Instead of making long boring 3D scenes, all scenes are very short, shot with 3-4 cameras to add even more timing, and instead of just flying around, focus is all the time at the action going on in the scenes.
Part 2 is the real mainpart, in which we reintroduce the concept of oneframe (50fps) effects. All 15 routines in that part are running oneframe, meaning that most of them are really speed records. In this part the music is more like a '94 highspeed demo module, with lots of breaks and stuff, and the routines reacts to the music all the time - in fact there are more than 100 timing events in that part.
To make all those chunky effects run at 50fps, they are all optimized for 68060 as never before, and because of the movement speeds they don't look too nice even on a fast 040, so 060 is really required. Apart from the 060 you just need AGA and about 10mb of free fastmem to run the demo.

The update mainly improves the speed for some routines, so they are 100% oneframe even on the slow blizzard 1260. Apart from that there are numerous small improvements everywhere.

Bump+texture tunnel - 25 fps

Manga scene 3 - 25 fps

Phong+Texture objects - 25 fps

Manga scene 4 - 25 fps

Shaded raycasted tunnel - 50 fps

Wipeout tunnel - 50 fps

Flatshaded object - 50 fps

Credits... - 50 fps

Textured Voxeltwister - 50 fps

Flatshaded objects with outlines - 50 fps