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1st at BreakPoint 2004

Idea: Maytz
Code: Blueberry
Music: Booster

Ikanim grew out of an idea put forward by Maytz about animating a character consisting of cubes. Maytz used the term IKanim - short for "Inverse Kinematic Animations" to describe his idea, and the name stuck.

The code was done within a period of one month (mainly during weekends), based on the same demosystem and 3D engine used in "Perspiration" by Efreet from MS2002, heavily simplified and specialized of course.

Inadvertently, the intro grew into some sort of parody of The Popular Demo by Farbrauch, the winner of the PC demo competition on Breakpoint the year before. This made the intro fit particularly well for release at the Breakpoint party.

The intro is pure 3D, featuring a subpixel-correct flatshade engine. It contains various scenes with and without the Ikanim character - a dancing cube man. The music is a simple, "Happy Disco"-like tune, which was designed to fit the happy nature of a character animated by sine movements. :)

Improvements in the final version:
  • Additional and improved character animations
  • Longer start wait (so the monitor has time to switch)
  • 25pfs limit to make the motion blur look correctly on fast machines
  • Timing adjustments to make the animations fit better to the music on slow machines
  • Special hi-res version (320x200 resolution) for extra viewing pleasure on very fast machines