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3rd at The Party 99
Code: Psycho, Blueberry
Music: Farfar
3D: Maytz, Laika, Psycho
Textures: Farfar, Maytz

Impossible is based on our new very fast perspective correct texturemapping engine with inlined C2P.
You are flying around in some building on a distant planet, in the same way as Skarlas nice When We Ride On Our Enemies demo.
The Textures is partly drawn, partly generated, making them much more interesting than normal intro-textures. We have 1.2 mb of base textures, which are then ligtended by the included raytracer making 5 MB ligthened textures in the scenes. The module is a slightly remixed version of Bella My Love from Superdrug in 700 kb.
The intro is requiring FPU and 10 MB of Fastram, but should not been viewed on less than a fast 040, as it is probably the most 68060-specific optimized intro/demo seen yet.