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1st at BreakPoint 2006

Code: Blueberry
Music: Maytz

Planet Loonies is a 4 kb remake of several effects (and music) from well know demos. It is the first Amiga 4k intro featuring speech synthesis.
It kicks off with the Galaxy from the beginning of Nexus 7, followed by the theme from the BreakPoint 2004 invitation complete with the "The Code Inside" speech synth. Then the greetings part from Planet Potion follows with lots of speech after which we have yet another part from Nexus 7, this time the shade cluster. Finally it ends in another speech synth part like the end of Planet Potion.
Unfortunatly this was the only Amiga 4k at BreakPoint (seems like we have scared away the competition ;) meaning that it was moved to the Amiga 64k competion but still it took home the first prize with twice the amount of points of number 2.