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Released December 1999

Code: Psycho
Music: Farfar, Tarmslyng, Maytz/Independent, Puryx/Unique^Maximum
Font: Farfar

On this disc you'll find 9 modules which has been made by some of the best danish scene trackers in the art of electronic music.
The disc kicks of with 3 stumping oldschool goa tracks made by Tarmslyng. All of them is build on melodic themes, psychedelic strings an very deep and hard BD's, so remember to turn up the bas-volume!
After this Puryx takes over with another goa track called "vibe rate", witch shows the utter possibilities of the creations of weird sounds. The music-disc then turns away form the fast trancy sounds and continues with a minimalistic track made by Tarmslyng called "My shoe is barking". The track echoes through minimal funky long landscapes of weird sounds; slowly developing, while beating the last thoughts out of your mind. After this the uncrowned danish tracker king of minimalism Maytz takes over, with a hard, noisy, stumping, mindblowing acid track called "blaa opt", which will probably force the volume on your amplifier up, and result in people screaming and brains beeing twisted.
The music disc then slows down, with a melodic trancy track called "when people dissapear" by Tarmslyng. The track is somehow sad but yet peacefull, featuring blured bas themes and sine organs.>br> The disc ends with 2 ambient tracks called "Bell ville" and "Bella my love" made by farfar (formerly known as Gafkhan). The tracks takes you on a peacefull journey trough a foggy country made by vibrating organs and mysterious breaks.

The TB4bc sound engine
The 4bc sound engine was originaly made as a 909 drum emulator by Psycho. That is the reason for the high quality BD's with you'll hear on this music disc. Later; extra features like filters, echos, and different kinds of noise was added, which made it possible to make more sophisticated sounds. A beat mixer was also developed, witch could mix an unlimited number of tracks together in a sample.