Download (1.8mb)

Winner at Icing 1999
Code: Psycho, Blueberry, Booster
Music: Tarmslyng, Booster
Graphic: Gafkhan, Bifrost, Laika
3D modelling: Laika, Psycho

Valhalla is a 4 part thematic demo about Norse Mythology. It has one part for each of the 3 worlds of Norse Mythology (Midgaard, Asgaard and Udgaard) and a endpart, each with its own module.
Apart from some less frequent routines it contains a lot of animated 3D, some of it by our cartoon render, some texturemapped, some texturemapped+fog, and finally the new dynamic lightsourced bump+texturemapped tunnel. All routines and pictures relates to the theme, most of them by showing different myths.
Valhalla supports AGA and CybergraphX/P96, fpu or nofpu and everything runs smoothly in 1x1 on a 060. It was originally planned to be released at MekkaSymposium 2k-1, but we missed deadline there and then it became 1st at Icing 1999 instead!

Voxelclouds and thunder in Midgaard...

1400 faces outlined object of Thor :)

A small part of the main outline scene, still in Midgaard.

Odin and Mimer playing chess inside Valhalla - 1600 tmapped faces.

The lightsourced bumpmapped tunnel in Udgaard.