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8th at BreakPoint 2007
Code: Macaw
Design: Maytz
Music: Maytz
Graphics: Farfar, Toft/Polka b.

Due to lack of time, our Amiga intro project was canceled. So, one week before BP07, I felt we had to do something, at least for the fun of making a demo/intro or whatever we could come up with. So, I talked to Toft/Polka b. about some graphics, and he gave me a pile of WEIRD gfx - hence the demo name :)
I had a hard time using the graphics due to their weirdness, but with some more weirdo graphics from Farfar, it began to make sense to make a demo with abolutely no sense :) - so that's what we did.
Rasmus put up the demo system code the weekend before BP07 and I started to conceptualize the demo using the bits and pieces of gfx I had been given by Toft and Farfar while also making the music and 3D.
Given the time and circumstances we are quite satisfied with the demo.
It's in no way ment to be a fantastic ground breaking demo with Żber kool gfx, sound or code, but a demo worth watching and, most important for us, a fun-in-the-making production which stood out in the compo as WEIRD and a loner - we think we succeeded :)