April 10th, 2007 BreakPoint 2007 update

At BreakPoint 2007 we contributed with the following, while delaying our Amiga 64k well before the party and missing the deadline with our pc 4k:
October 24th, 2006 The Meltdown 2006 update

At The Meltdown 2006 we contributed with the following:
  • Fallty - our 4k intro - became 3d in the demo compo.
  • Lilla Bjaelke by Farfar won the pixel graphics compo.
  • Bridge At Kipi by Farfar won the photo manipulation compo.
  • The Dive by Laika won the raytrace graphics compo.
  • Man mashine by Laika became 3nd in the pixel graphics compo.

Also our 4 kb intro Benitoite (in coop with TBC) from Evoke and the 4 kb cruncher Crinkler has finally been added to the site.

April 18th, 2006 BreakPoint 2006 update

At BreakPoint 2006 we won a smashing victory in the Amiga 64k intro competition with our 4k intro Planet Loonies. On the other hand neither our PC 4k intro (in coop with TBC) or our Amiga 64k was finished, meaning that we only participated with Planet Loonies and a entry by Booster in the streaming music compo, which did not pass preselection.

December 10th, 2005 TRSAC 2005 update

At TRSAC 2005 we contributed with the following:
  • FaarK II won the 4k intro compo. (not really worth releasing).
  • Busfisk by Farfar won pixel graphics compo.
  • Death by rabbit by Laika won hand drawn graphics compo.
  • Fisse by Farfar became 2nd in the hand drawn graphics compo.
  • Domestic dispute by Booster became 5th in the streaming music compo.
  • AppleGroove by Farfar became 7th in the streaming music compo.
August 1st, 2005 Assembly 2005 update

At Assembly 2005 Blueberry held seminars on his crinkler pc 4k compressor and the state of art in amiga 4ks and we submitted the pc 64k intro Flight 666 (as our plane up there was flight 666, just like in Spor 2 Blaa Trappe), which won 2nd place in the intro compo

March 30th, 2005 BreakPoint 2005 update

At BreakPoint 2005 we contributed with the following, which all got a great response down there (see the live videos of Noxie and Multiverse):
November 1st, 2004 IKanim Final

The final version of IKanim is now out. The improvements are additional and improved character animations, a hires version for very fast machines, timing adjustments and fixing of some minor compatibility issues.
August 12th, 2004 Assembly 2004 update

At Assembly 2004 we participated with our first pc release, the 4k intro A Little Shady. However for some strange reason this throughly tested (on systems close to the specified compo machine) intro did not work on the actual compo machine. But unlike any decent party this did not stop the organizers spreading the intro on all the big sites, so we can just as well release it now anyway. Currently it only works on Radeon 9500+ machines, while GeForceFX based hardware will work when nvidia releases better working GLSL drivers.

April 25th, 2004 BreakPoint 2004 update

At BreakPoint 2004 we got some mixed results. The (compomachine) working version of our PC 4k didn't reach the party, and farfar's suberb theme compo pic didn't qualify because of the lack of decent stages. However, Laika's quicky done theme compo pic ended up 3rd and the response to our Amiga 4k winner Ikanim was incredible with people waving back to the guy in the endpart, people talked about setting new standards for Amiga 4ks etc.
  • Ikanim won the Amiga 4k intro compo.
  • Micro vs Macro by Laika won the Micro vs Macro graphics compo.

December 29th, 2002 Compusphere XIII update

At Compusphere XIII we participated with the following, resulting in 3 winning productions, although the competition unfortunatly was a bit weak.
August 23rd, 2002 TRSAC FU update

At TRSAC FU we participated with the following, resulting in 4 more ducks for the collection. Unfortunatly the 060 Amiga demo was not finished in time.
  • Kunto won the oldskool demo compo as the sole entry.
  • Teddy by Laika became 2nd in the handrawn graphics compo.
  • Mellen by Farfar became 3rd in the pixel graphics compo.
  • In The Wild by Laika became 3rd in the animation compo.

April 20th, 2002 The Castle Final

The final version of The Castle is now out. Major improvements are additional timing effects, a Cybergraphics/Picasso96 version, new endpart music and last but not least the ability to run on machines with 16 mb fastram.
April 2nd, 2002 Mekka-Symposium 2002 update

At Mekka-Symposium 2002 we participated with the following results:
  • The Castle became 2nd in the intro compo, only beaten by Potion's PPC+W3D intro.
  • Don't fight, play chess by Laika won the Robots vs Knighs graphics compo.
  • Pony by farfar became 6th in the freestyle graphics compo.
Unfortunatly we didn't have the time to finish our pc 64k intro, so watch out for that later.
November 29th, 2001 4BC sample generator released.

We have released our, so far internal, sample generator tool 4BC including GUI. It's meant as a tool for musicians, as we are not releasing the generator source, so you can't use it for your own intros.
October 22nd, 2001 Macaw joined, the start of the highend division

Macaw has joined Loonies as pc coder.
Together with Booster doing PC code too, this means that we are expanding our activities by starting a new highend division producing OpenGL demos.
Initially the productions will be windows only, but we hope to expand to AmigaOS, when decent highend Amiga hardware arrives (AmigaOne, Pegasos, SharkPPC, etc). Making multiplatform demos on modern PCs and the current Amiga PowerUp cards doesn't really make sense, but when using comparable hardware it does. OpenGL is pretty standard, and a comprehensive demo system can take care of the remaining differences, making dual platform releases possible.
However, we are still mainly an Amiga scene group, we are just opening the possibily of doing other kind of stuff than what's possible on software rendered 68k Amigas.
October 16th, 2001 TRSAC Autumn update

At The Real Scene After Christmas Autumn we participated with the following, resulting in 5 more ducks for our big collection:
September 10th, 2001 fasix left the scene

fasix has left Loonies and the scene.
August 30th, 2001 TRSAC Autumn 20001 invitation

We have released the official invitation intro for The Real Scene After Christmas Autumn 2001 party in Copenhagen. Remember to Sign up!

May 15th, 2001 Hotstyle Takeover Final

The final version of Hotstyle Takeover is now out. Apart from lots of small improvements, part 2 should finally be 100% oneframe even on the slow Blizzard 1260s.
April 18th, 2001 Mekka-Symposium 2001 update

At Mekka-Symposium 2001 - The Scene Olympics we participated with the following results:
Mar 4th, 2001 Major redesign of loonies.dk

Finally the new site is ready and online. Apart from the new design and generel updates, we have added new sections for pictures and modules (modules still awaiting entries though). The future section has on the other hand been removed, as we were not too keen about writing too much about our bigger upcoming projects there anyway...
Jan 1st, 2001 The Party 2000 update

At The Party 2000, we didn't release any intro or demo, as The Party has become some lame LAN party, and isn't really a scene event anymore. Besides participating at TP has always been some kind of a lottery, considering both the lack of care for your productions in the demolab and in the later years the extreme low votecount making the results more or less dominated by the groups who have a big presence at the party...
We did however sent in a few pictures, without being present:

Pixel Graphics
Raytrace Graphics
Nov 16th, 2000 Dran has left the scene

Dran has left Loonies and the scene - you can still contact him at dran@loonies.dk though...
Nov 6th, 2000 TRSAC 00.5 update

At The Real Scene After Christmas 00.5 we participated with the following, resulting in 3 more ducks for the collection:
  • At The Movies won the demo compo.
  • TRSAC duck by Laika became 3 in the raytrace compo.
  • farfar participated with a lot of pictures, without getting a duck ;)
  • Blueberry won the special "best stunt" golden duck, by showing why he usually codes instead of competing in hd-throwing.

Jul 16th, 2000 Scene Meeting 2000 update

At Scene Meeting 2000 We participated with the following:
  • Arla won the demo compo!
  • Sleeping by Fasix won the graphics compo!
  • Gladiator by Laika became 2nd in the graphics compo!